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Manitou MT 1335

The MT 1335 is designed with work sites up to two/three storeys tall in mind. It comes equipped with compact outriggers which improve its offset as well as the general performance of the machine as it can easily navigate more confined spaces. Its lifting capacity is 3.5 t up to heights of 13 m. And for the comfort of the operator, the spacious driver’s cab is equipped with the JSM system and an ergonomic, intuitive instrument panel, and is easily accessed with its wider door.

The MT 1335 is powered by a 102 hp motor with 4-wheel drive for efficiciency regardless of the type of terrain. Maintenance is made easy thanks to the double opening for the engine compartment and the diagnostics screen located on the instrument panel. All in all this handler marries comfort with performance, a perfect combination for medium-height work site operations!

Machine Type: Telehandler
Make: Manitou
Model: MT 1335
Power: Diesel
Working Height (m): 12.55m
Platform Height (m): n/a
Safe Working Load (kg): 3500kg
Machine weight (kg): 9200kg
Stowed height (m): 2.42m
Width (m): 2.28m

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