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Niftylift HR28 4x4

Winner of the ‘Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2019‘ Innovation award, the HeightRider 28 (HR284×4 Hybrid is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift. Combining advanced power-source technology with efficient four-wheel-drive, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design.

Its revolutionary Hybrid power system incorporates a smaller, power-optimised engine, supported by the machine’s battery pack when extra power is needed. This maintains power and performance while reducing fuel consumption for maximum efficiency. The Innovative ‘Diesel Re-Gen‘ feature also recharges the batteries without an external power source, giving a ‘fast-charge’ whenever the machine is idle and the engine running. In addition, an electric-only mode allows zero-emission operation, making it ideal for indoor use, or for quiet, clean operation.

The HR28 also incorporates Niftylift’s multi-award-winning SiOPS®, a safety system that eliminates sustained involuntary operation by instantly stopping machine movement if the operator is pushed onto the cage control console, allowing them to safely recover their situation.

Machine Type: Articulated Boom
Make: Nifty
Model: HR28 4x4
Power: Bi-Energy
Working Height (m): 28m
Platform Height (m): 26m
Safe Working Load (kg): 280kg
Machine weight (kg): 14650kg
Stowed height (m): 2.7m
Width (m): 2.49m

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