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Skyjack 32/26

The Skyjack 3226 is a compact electric scissor lift with a 9.92m working height and 227kg safe working load. It is ideally suited for use indoors on a wide range construction, installation and maintenance tasks such as electrical fixtures and cabling, ductwork, drywall, ceiling panels, overhead sprinklers, etc. This is a compact machine, which can fit through a standard single doorway and is particularly suited when space is at a premium or where weight limits apply.

Powered by a bank of heavy duty deep-cycle batteries, the Skyjack 3226 offers almost silent operation and has enough power for a full days work before needing to be recharged. Fitted with non-marking tyres and weighing just 1,890kg, it is suitable for operation on a wide range of floor surfaces.

Machine Type: Scissor Lift
Make: Skyjack
Model: 32/26
Power: Electric
Working Height (m): 9.92m
Platform Height (m): 7.92m
Safe Working Load (kg): 227kg
Machine weight (kg): 1890kg
Stowed height (m): 2.15m
Width (m): 0.81m
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